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This is a hard topic to address. Capabilities can be divided into two categories, function, and aesthetics. Aesthetically, we focus on two areas, coordination with the appearance of your existing website, and addressing any special needs you may have in the form of graphics, layout etc. Basic background and text colors, are limited to the display characteristics of your customers computer, but typically over 16 million colors are available, and we can exactly match colors on your existing website.
Layout, though not unlimited, is very flexible, but again, the size and resolution of your customer's computer monitor, means we cannot guarantee appearance on all computers. We can however, optimize the page to accommodate most computer displays. All webpage designer have these same limitation, it is not just us.
In graphics, we are capable designers also, but we do have our limitation. Custom graphics can drive the price up considerably, as this sort of design can be quite labor intensive. We do however, typically do graphics work on a more than competitive basis, or you can save money by providing your own graphics.

As for functionality, most spreadsheet functions can be incorporated into a website calculator, see our current capabilities here.