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    OmegaCalc Pricing
    This page is a guideline, a way to get an estimate of what your calculator might cost. Actual cost will be determined by the amount of time our technicians will have to devote to your particular project. If you have a working spreadsheet (Excel or Open Office) that you want to have made into an online calculator, then the cost will be considerably less than if you want us to create all of the math and code here at OmegaCalc.
    The first thing to know is that the calculator will itself, be a complete webpage on it's own. It will be an html file with (most likely) java scripting for the calculator functions. The reason we mention this on the pricing page, is that we can either build any text like explanations, descriptions and instructions into the calculator html, or you can create that yourself on a separate page and link to the calculator, or have the calculator in a frame on an html page. This means that you can save a small amount of costs by not having us include such text on the calculator page we create for you. However, since this is six cents per word, not a lot can be saved, we just thought we'd mention it.
    Our definition of a word for this purpose, is any character or group of characters, separated from other characters or groups of characters by blank spaces. Example: " 1 r @ B " is four words, while " 1r@B " is one word. As an html page, you can edit it if you choose, but be aware that you can damage the page if you do not know what you are doing, and we cannot be responsible for that. Always make a backup copy if you want to try editing your calculator.
    Adding graphics, complicated color schemes etc., will add time and therefore project costs. As a rule of thumb though, a calculator can usually be made for about $50 plus 6¢ for each word of text plus $5 per calculated answer (output) and $2 per input ($2.50 and $1 with customer provided spreadsheet).
    You will note that there is a logo in the lower right of this page. That will come on your custom calculator as well. If you do not want it, then the price is and additional $20. In other words, we are giving you a $20 discount for advertising our product.
    If your were to have us make this exact page for you, it would probably cost between $90 and $135. You can use the calculator below to get an estimate* of your calculator's cost.

    * This estimate assumes that we make a functional calculator, with basic style matching to your existing website. If you require extra effort customization, a lot of tweaking, or changes not mentioned in our initial dialogues, prices will go up. Our pricing is based on our estimate of how much labor will be involved in creating your calculator. If we need to spend more time with you, getting your calculator 'just so', then of course we will have to adjust the cost to reflect the extra effort we will be putting in the the development of the calculator.
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